Holiday Breaks in Malaga Spain 2019/2020

Holiday Breaks in Malaga Spain 2019/2020


The Fuente de los Cien Caños in Villanueva del Trabuco is the source of the river Guadalhorce.

Holiday Breaks in Malaga often need promoting but Villanueva del Trabuco is getting plenty of airtime so far, this year. Not only has “Mi Pueblo” been filmed here (A weekly documentary where the TV crew visits different parts of Spain) but also “A Place in the Sun” foreign house sales program have paid us another visit.

To top it off, or so I thought, I was interviewed again by Radio CityScousers Abroad” part of Pete Price’s show. Needless to say, I gave the village a great write-up and plenty of mentions. Well, we look to have got ourselves another mention, this time in The Sur in English weekly newspaper. An article about the recent heavy rainfall has made the front page and our local beauty spot “Cien Caños” or “100 Pipes” was the headline photo.

This is all good news. We have also agreed to a new website for the village, dedicated solely to tourism and tourists.  A few things needed to be ironed out and agreed upon before we get the live version of the new website.

Holiday Breaks in Malaga – La Nava Video

I thought I might make great use of the villages recent surge in interest from the media, I have made several new videos using This helps you make promo videos for almost everything. Malaga Villas included.

The beauty of this particular app is that it has pre-made videos that you can just add your own details to. Quick and easy to use, if you have a website or business that needs a little promo video, get yourself to and get yourself an account.

Maybe you could send me some of your own promo videos, I’d be happy to see them. Especially if they are holiday videos of Malaga, Andalucia or the Costa del Sol. There must be some gems out there.


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