Holidays Spain Summer 2018

Holidays Spain Summer 2018

Holidays in Spain for Summer 2018

Holidays Spain Summer 2018
Holidays Spain Summer 2018? Check out the great weather at any time.

Holidays Spain 2018; Your best bet for a great holiday abroad. I write this Blog for La Nava, a holiday villa in the Malaga area of Andalucia, Spain. OK, so you would expect me to blow my own trumpet, as it were, being as it is my own Blog and subject.

The truth is though; when it comers to great holidays abroad, Spain really is your best bet. I shall, of course, tell you why. You can thank me for it another time.

Best things about Spanish Holidays

  1. The weather. It goes without saying that Spain has the most wonderful weather of any country. The south of Spain, Andalucia in particular, has the perfect weather for a holiday in Spain at any time of the year. The summers are hot but not too hot, the winters are generally mild, unless you go high into the mountains.
  2. Connections. The great thing about Spain is that it is easy to get to. Spain has connections to and from everywhere. From the UK you can get some really cheap flights into Malaga and Granada airports. Once in Spain, there are plenty of trains, buses and taxis to get you to and from your destinations. Travel in Spain is generally very easy.
  3. Prices. The cost of living in Spain is not as high as many European countries. If you choose your holiday in Spain carefully, you can enjoy a top quality vacation, in style and comfort and at a great price. As I write, the Euro is 1:14 to the GB Pound. At restaurants close to La Nava a Menu del Dia is only 8€ for a three course meal with a drink. A beer is €1.20, coffee €1 and you can get some great wines for well under €2.
  4. Places to see and things to do. Spain is a big, beautiful country. The Malaga area of Andalucia is both beautiful and majestic. From rolling plains to high mountain ranges, from skiing in the Sierra Navada mountains to laying on the beaches of the Costa del Sol. Malaga has so much history, there are places you have read about in the novels of Hemingway, Laurie Lee, Gerald Brennan, Washington Irving, George Orwell and many more. Have you read “For Whom the Bell Tolls”? You can visit the places mentioned in this great novel, including the famous bridge, the Puente Nuevo, where anyone caught on the wrong side was thrown off into the valley below. Go and visit Antequera, an historic town close to Villanueva Del Trabuco. If history and architecture are your interest, you will be overjoyed with this fantastic place. Enjoy a Skiing holiday and a beach holiday both at the same time. Also, if you are a golfer, the Costa del Sol alone has more than 50 golf courses. There is much more besides.
  5. The people. The Spanish people are, in general, hard working, friendly and love to have a party. Before you come to Spain, try out a few Spanish phrases, this is always welcome. Around the area of La Nava, the local dialect can be hard to pick up but you can make yourself understood with your basic Spanish. The BBC has a very good Spanish course called “España Viva!”

These are just some of the reasons for booking a holiday in Spain for summer 2018. Or, come to think of it, at any time in 2018. Winter sun holidays are a great way to scare off the cold weather blues.

We will be delighted to see you at La Nava any time of the year. Contact us for prices in Autumn and Winter and plan ahead.


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