Rain in Spain

Rain in Spain

The Rain in Spain falls Mainly on My House

Rain in Spain. #spanish weather
January 2018; Resting for lunch in the olive groves near to Villa La Nava.

One of the great unpredictable things about the weather in Malaga is that it is just that. Unpredictable. Well, between December and May it is. After 16 years of living in Malaga area I could not tell you what the weather is going to be like.

The first year it was a very cold and sunny winter with very little rain. The next winter was warm and sunny but with great downpours, the next year a mixture and so on.

We are now in May, the flowers in the fields are blooming, red, yellow, blue, pink, purple, you name it and its there. The area around Villanueva del Trabuco is absolutely beautiful.

The fields are still very green with patches of bright red poppies whilst the edges are a mixture of all colours. This is due to the European ruling for farmers to block off the end tube when spraying for weeds. This was brought in to encourage insects, bees and butterfly numbers.

Just as I thought there was no more rain due, although thunderstorms were, we got a 10 minute deluge. Its not as if we needed it! This winter was very wet and we have sufficient water to last us for two years.

But, like I say, next winter may be very dry and so we need to keep what water we have in the reservoirs, just in case.

What about the summer weather?

Don’t worry. Usually, from the end of May until the second week of September, you are lucky to see a cloud, never mind rain. The summers around La Nava are dry and hot but not humid. It is a very pleasant warmth. If, like me, you are obsessed by the weather or, you are planning a holiday in Malaga, check out this Spanish weather link.


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