Spanish Villa with Private Pool – Self-Catering Rural Spanish Holidays

Spanish Villa with Private Pool – Self-Catering Rural Spanish Holidays

Spanish Villa with Private Pool

Spanish villa with private pool
Sometimes, people can be really rude when you are trying to sleep. One reason for a private pool.

A private pool can make all the difference to your holiday. I can think of many reasons why I would want to rent a villa with a private pool, I bet you can as well.

Staying at hotels and resorts is fine but it does have certain drawbacks. And, when you compare the benefits of a private villa and pool, you can see why it is so much better.

With a private swimming pool, you get peace and quiet, after all, if the kids are rowdy, they are your kids, you sort them out.

  • Sunbeds. How many times have you gone to the pool only to find the sunbeds are all taken? It seems that no matter where you go, what country or hotel, there is always someone who will have their towels over the sunbeds. With a private pool, there is no such thing. That’s one little irritation to be ticked off.
  • Noise. Laying next to the pool to relax and have a read or sunbathe can have its drawbacks. Noisy people, rowdy kids or just people having a lark about. How many times have you been splashed whilst have asleep? It’s hard to concentrate on your book whilst somebodies bad music is blaring. Private pool wins here.
  • Mealtimes. One thing to be said about your own private villa is that you are not tied to any hotel or resort itinerary. You come and go as you please and meal times are when you decide. You can even have them poolside.

La Nava Self-Catering Private villa with pool

At La Nava, you have your own private pool. There is nobody to share with and nobody to steal the sunbeds and deck chairs. You come and go as you please and you set the meal times to when you want them. In short, you have the freedom to enjoy your Spanish holiday in peace and quiet.

How nice is that?



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